Education is key to a self-determined life!

And “equal learning for every child” is the mission of the Indonesian NYATA Foundation. What does this have to do with us? Our colleagues who work for us in the many countries we are in have close ties to their regions and to the people there.

As a family business, we feel a social responsibility to the communities in which we operate, and we want to live up to it. Therefore, on our special anniversary last year we decided to support several aid projects sustainably. These were personally selected by our local colleagues and will be supported by them in future. This way we can be sure that 100 percent of our aid goes exactly where it is needed, and our colleagues can visit the projects regularly and provide help and advice in addition to financial support.

With this years’ World Flour Day – being a GIVING DAY – we’d like to introduce these organizations and the important work they do. Last week we introduced Dream Children’s Home in Kenya. Today we’d like to travel to Indonesia.

Introducing the NYATA Foundation. It offers TEMAN NYATA, a monthly giving program where every dollar goes toward educating a child. Money donated is invested into the building of schools, teacher training, children’s nutrition and scholarships. Unfortunately, many underprivileged children in Indonesia have to leave school early to help support their families. The NYATA Foundation, founded by two women in 2014, currently enables 1,788 children to attend school.” 

We are happy to support the construction of two schools for sixty-seven pupils and seven teachers in the remote province of Kalimantan. Our colleague Julian Sander is very familiar with the region and is accompanying and documenting the project.

He explains, “We selected NYATA as our partner organization, as they have a proven track record in developing sustainable concepts for underprivileged children in very remote areas. Heavy rainfalls destroyed the previous schools, and our support enables NYATA to build more solid and durable buildings. Our focus is on a long-term engagement with the new schools, and we will continue our support with additional materials (e.g. schoolbooks) and tuition fees for talented students. The construction of the schools will be completed around World Flour Day 2024. Our colleague in Indonesia, Stella Jogisaputra, and I are extremely excited to pay a visit to West Kalimantan soon to meet the students and teachers in person.”

As the quote on NYATA Foundations homepage says: “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – Aesop, and this is what they aim to ensure. We’re very happy to support this organization.

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