Flour with a mission: One more World Flour Day donation to support our local community 

In conjunction with the ‘Giving Campaign’ of the World Flour Day we were happy to donate a pallet of flour to the Ahrensburg food bank last week. This donation will enable the baking of about 2,000 loaves of bread. But that’s not all – GoodMills Deutschland doubled this flour donation to 2 pallets. The flour comes from Aurora Mühle in Hamburg.

Thanks to the Ahrensburger Tafel, these resources can be put to optimum use. The Tafel, a non-profit organization founded in 1995, is an integral part of our community. With several distribution points in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein, the Ahrensburg food bank offers an important point of contact in the region for socially disadvantaged families with children, pensioners, refugees and the unemployed.

GoodMills Deutschland

The volunteers at the Tafel work tirelessly to organize, transport and distribute the goods to those in need for a symbolic fee. Recipients can shop once a week at one of the distribution points, which provides a vital boost for their livelihoods.

Our colleagues, who visited the Tafel Ahrensburg were truly touched to learn more about this important mission. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the food banks, especially Tafel Ahrensburg e.V. and all their volunteers, who improve the quality of life of our fellow human beings and help create a cohesive community.

The Tafel was represented by Holger Pruß and Dirk Tonnemacher. Jürgen Morawitz and Dr. Gregor Peter joined from GoodMills Deutschland while from our side Vera Ferreri, Peter Esters and Mara Sophia Winter attended.

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